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Camper & Apprentice Testimonials

I've been in this program for about nine or ten years and it has made a huge impact on my life. I've definitely learned to open up more and to approach people as an adult. And I've gained this confidence that I never really knew I had. I love working with this camp. I definitely love the kid-friendly environment. It's a safe place where you're not afraid to fail. And it's an overall very friendly environment. Very approachable. It's just very fun. I've definitely gained a lot from this. We learned about the different entrepreneurial skills like leadership, integrity, and communication. Those have definitely helped me not only in my work life, but also in my personal life. I've definitely learned to handle myself and to feel more like an adult than a kid.


16 years old

I went to WhizBizKids last year and I had a lot of fun. Basically, WhizBizKids taught me about money and how I can save and invest. I've learned a lot since then and I've saved a lot. So maybe one day I could invest that money into what could be a successful business.


10 years old

I am an Apprentice with WhizBizKids. And one of the the things that I've gotten out of this is how to communicate to adults. I was a very shy kid and what WhizBizKids has taught me to do is to take that and extend it not just to people my age but to people older or younger than me. And it's taught me that anything you say will affect how you look and that's one thing that really helps me in school and just outside of that. One of the most fun things that WhizBizKids has given me is selling our products. So as campers we got to create our product and design it how we wanted to do it and just going out and selling it is what helped me use that communication skill to talk to adults and make more money for me to take home.


14 years old

I am a 9th grader at McNeil High School. And WhizBizKids has helped me in my everyday life by contributing to my independence and my overall knowhow and how to deal with people and money. And it really gave me a new appreciation for what my parents do for me. The most fun thing I did at WhizBizKids was play Blast the Money Trap `{`a game about using money wisely`}`, which besides being really fun, it really gives you insight on the rut that normal America is stuck in and what I can do to make sure that that's not what my life is going to be.


14 years old

I have been with WhizBizKids for about four years. Those four years have definitely changed my life. My favorite thing about WhizBizKids is with the apprentice program we have built a family of people who can connect with each other and we're always there for each other. The biggest thing I have gained from WBK is confidence. I'm able to talk to people who are much older than me like twice my age or more. That really helps with my business. When I'm pitching it to people and when I'm selling. And I've also learned a lot about leadership and how that leadership is not you're the one in charge it's that you are the one who gets to help others realize who they really are.


13 years old

WBK is a great organization that helps you grow your confidence and helps you grow your finances and grows your responsibility. For the first part, confidence, I have been talking since I was born and I'm pretty confident about that so that is one area I don't think I need to grow more in. But secondary, finances, and third area, responsibility, I have learned some much because of WhizBizKids. Before I used to lose my homework all the time and I used to be the troublemaker but now I'm more of a model student. And I get good grades and I do all my stuff and I get extra credit. It's really helping me in life and I know it will prepare me for the future. Finances-- I'm more aware of what my parents spend for me and I know the money trap. The money trap is where if you work really hard, you can get more money and then you can start investing and then your money will trade its own time and keep working and it will trade its own time and before long it will be so much, you can't even imagine. After you get a lot of money, you can stop trading your own time and you can stop working. That doesn't necessarily free you from everything. I know a lot of people and they want to make the world a better place and help donate to charity and help others and make the world a better place. You can do all these things with your free time. Think about it, join WhizBizKids.


12 years old

The camp I went to was fun and I also learned how to handle money. I love WhizBizKids and I want to be in it this summer. My favorite part was when I was a CFO and made the prices for our products. I also learned how to handle money, sell products, and market them.


9 years old

My mentor is super important to me. I know I've only had one meeting, but she has been super helpful. She is helping me get my grade up in Latin which is the language I'm taking and she's helping me work on my business idea. Before her, I didn't even know where to start on my business idea. I had so much trouble. I had the idea all planned out but then I didn't know what to do with it. But Laura has really helped me get my idea into shape and in a plan so I can start making it, manufacturing it, and sending it off into the world. I also have started getting a budget and becoming more independent and better at handling money. So right now I'm handling the snack budget for my family. I haven't started yet but I know it's going to be really cool because I get to learn more about money which will help me when I grow older.


14 years old

I started doing WhizBizKids when I was in third grade and I'm now in 8th grade. My favorite part of it is mentoring and teaching younger kids business and leadership skills and then I get the leadership skills myself teaching them and I can apply it in talking to my coaches and teachers and meeting new people.


13 years old

Through this program and under Alicia's leadership, I have learned many skills. I am by leaps and bounds much more mature and prepared and capable of handling adult life than many people my age who haven't had this opportunity are. I am really proud to have had a part in this and to be able to say that I have taken away the skills that I have taken away. It has taught me good time management, like responding timely, setting up due dates, being ready for what I have to do it when I have to do it, arriving at meetings on the time that I said I was going to be there, integrity, doing what you said how you said you were going to do it, being true to yourself and others, and impeccability, a very strong value. Doing things as perfectly you can even when it's not convenient or easy. All in all, I'm really happy that WBK taught me all that it has.


15 years old

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