Whiz Biz Kids curriculum offers an introduction to the fundamentals of business, financial basics, and leadership in an engaging, interactive course! Students work in teams to start their own pop-up businesses and bring a product to market. This project-based course gives them the tools to develop their own creative ideas and explore their inner entrepreneur while gaining skills in problem-solving, teamwork, and integrity. Throughout the course students will hold different roles and accountabilities, pitch their product idea to an investor, and sell their products all while incorporating computer science skills. They will leave the course with a new-found confidence in their own ability to achieve financial success and accomplish whatever they choose!

Course Content

This is a project-based course for students to create and run their own business. The instructor supports the students and sets them up for success by leading the lessons and guiding them. Ultimately the instructor acts as a mentor and coach for their team, supporting them through the duration of the business. The learning opportunities will arise as the students naturally confront problems within their business.


The course consists of 30 lessons split into 6 sections. Lessons have a built in activity and a computer science option utilizing spreadsheets, slideshows, or typed documents.

  1. Introduction to Business
    Students gain an understanding of what makes a business successful and how to plan for customer needs. Character traits that make an exceptional entrepreneur are introduced and referred to throughout the course, traits such as integrity, leadership, communication, and more!


  2. Creating a Business Idea
    Students begin forming a business plan by conducting market research and prototyping potential products. With data in hand, students will begin to develop their confidence and inner entrepreneur as they launch their business!


  3. Understanding Business Roles
    Students dive deeper into the departments that work together to form a business and begin to try on roles such as Production Manager, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and even Chief Executive Officer! Having a solid understanding of how to fulfill the accountabilities of each role will be necessary for students as they run their business.


  4. Financing Your Business + Piranha Pit!
    Students learn finances of a business from obtaining a business loan to creating profit and loss financial statements. To gain financing for their business in the course, they will pitch their product idea to potential investors from the school or community in the “Piranha Pit”!


  5. Running Your Business
    Students take on different roles and accountabilities as their business takes off! For a rigorous 5 weeks, students will market, produce, and sell their products to repay their loan and make a real profit!


  6. Personal Financial Literacy
    Now that students have real-life experience running a start-up business it’s time to talk about what to do with their personal finances. This section is designed to prepare students for financial freedom by learning about the difference in assets and liabilities, what it means to invest, how to save for their future, and more!
Whiz Biz Kids
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