Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunities for young people to explore their inner entrepreneur, build habits for a life of financial success, and achieve independence. Through first-hand experience, they will be prepared for a responsible and proactive adulthood, confident that they can accomplish whatever they choose!


My name is Alicia Hoffman and I am the founder of Whiz Biz Kids. I believe we live in an era where you can be successful by creating a business for anything you are passionate about! In other words, financial success now includes being entrepreneurial! In 2013 I asked myself, “How can we prepare our youth to be entrepreneurial in this new economy?” As a parent, I wanted my kids to be prepared with the entrepreneurial tools they need to be successful. That’s why I started Whiz Biz Kids!

During my 20 years as a CPA in corporate finance, I experienced a shift to the gig economy first hand. After being laid off, I started my own Accounting business along with Whiz Biz Kids and never looked back. I made it my mission to show kids that there is another path to financial success and give them the entrepreneurial tools they need to follow their dreams!

Since 2013 I have been delivering entrepreneurial curriculum where students create a business vision and see it through to completion. Kids get the opportunity to work together as a team to create a startup, pitch their idea to investors in the Piranha Pit, and be accountable for all business and financial decisions!

Whiz Biz Kids prepares young people for the modern economy through project-based curriculum. This hands-on learning sets us apart. Because it’s their idea, their product, and their business, the kids have a strong sense of ownership from the very beginning. As students take on roles such as CEO, CFO, marketing manager and more they develop a newfound confidence in their own ability to achieve financial success and accomplish whatever they choose! This unique opportunity to make their own decisions and learn from their mistakes, shifts their mindset and gives them the courage to follow their dreams!

Whiz Biz Kids
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