Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours?

WhizBizKids camp begins at 9:00am and completes at 3:30pm each day.  

Extended day hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Where is it?

The camps are held at locations with a built-in flow of customers for the campers’ business.

Camps are usually held in restaurants that have lunch traffic.

How many kids/teens are in each session of camp?

Camps typically have 15-20 kids/teens.

This size lets them work together effectively as a team and develop their leadership skills.

My child is 8 years old and really shy. Is he going to fit in with the older kids in his session?

Multi-age groups work really well together when they are engaged in creating the business together. Much of their activity is in small groups that are fluid and organic in nature. One of the functions of the camp is to develop leadership, and when kids of different ages work together, they learn to recognize their differences and look for what’s great in other people. That’s what leadership really is.

Do the kids each do their own business project?

The most effective way for them to learn about leadership is through facing the challenges that come naturally with working together toward a common goal. So kids work together to create one unified business with one product they can sell to their public.

How does running a business teach kids about money?

Money exists in the world so that we can exchange it for things of value. That’s what business is – giving someone something they want in exchange for cash. By getting hands-on experience with supply and demand, they develop a deep understanding of this principle, and this provides them the tools for living a life of financial responsibility.

What kind of business do they start?

Whatever they want!

Each group brings their own creative ideas, and through their own market research, they determine what will be the most profitable business idea. Past businesses have sold cards, potted herbs, hand-painted canvas bags, live lady-bugs, sunblock, lavender sachets, bath salts, sculptures, and hand-dipped candles, to name a few.

How much guidance do you provide?

One of our foundational principles is that kids learn best through experience. By letting kids explore the process for themselves and make their own mistakes, they develop a much deeper understanding of the ideas that they are exploring.

With that in mind, we turn over as much to them as possible. We provide a safe environment and “just-in-time learning” (where we provide information as needed and answer questions as they arise), and beyond that, we let them make the decisions themselves, and therefore learn from the effects of their choices.

Do they need to bring their own money to start the business with?

No, they will not need to bring anything to camp. Just like any other business start-up, an idea has to be researched for profitability before it can be financed. Once the team is certain their business idea will make them money, they get a “loan” from the WhizBizKids Piranha (investor), which they repay from their sales revenue. They learn a valuable lesson about interest, because if they don’t repay the loan at the end of the first day, they pay interest on the balance. While this rarely happens, they are introduced to the idea early on, and they can see how this would apply if they borrow money in the future.

Whiz Biz Kids
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