What You, The Parents Get

With the current state of the economy, we know now how important it is to be responsible with money, and yet financial education is not taught in school.

WhizBizKids partners with parents to give their kids an experience that will guide them forever.

Money is a tool that teaches responsibility. Campers see for themselves the impact of the many choices that they make with their time and money. We give them the opportunity to make little mistakes now so they can avoid big mistakes later in life.

Your kids will know to use money, they’ll learn about budgeting and investing, they’ll know the value of a dollar, they’ll get more sensitive to the family financial picture, and they’ll become more motivated to work to earn their own money.

They will come home surprised by how much fun they had and raving about what they were able to accomplish in just one week.

Whiz Biz Kids
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