Cómo Funciona

Niños y jóvenes aprenden a través de la experiencia.

La experiencia de emprender y dirigir un negocio enseña a los niños a:

  • La ley de la oferta y demanda
  • Identifying what customers need
  • Usar el dinero para hacer más dinero
  • Cómo prepararse para presentar ante un inversionista
  • Cómo trabajar en equipo para vencer obstáculos, aprender de los errores y celebrar la grandeza

Throughout the course, students fill the roles of CEO, CFO, Marketing Manager, and more. Students experience a different aspect of managing the company each day allowing them to grow in all areas of running a business.

Aprendizaje Vivencial:

  • Ignites students’ passion and sparks their curiosity and initiative
  • Teaches kids to work as a team and develop entrepreneurial skills
  • Allows for practice with integrity, accountability, trusting and relying on others for support, communication and leadership
  • Builds students’ confidence and increases their adaptability and ability to shift when things go wrong while giving them the opportunity to think on their feet

In order to allow students to experience the full benefit of experiential learning, the WhizBizKids leadership team takes as much of a hands-off approach as possible. We provide the environment for them to explore the process for themselves and to make their own mistakes. Through this method, they develop a deep understanding of the concepts they are putting into practice. Because it’s their business, their idea, their product, and their money, the kids have a strong sense of ownership from the very beginning.

Whiz Biz Kids
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