Meet Our Team

The People Behind the Whiz Biz Kids Magic

ALICIA HOFFMAN, CEO and Owner of WhizBizKids

Over the course of my career in Finance and Accounting, I had always dreamed of using my expertise in a way that gave back to the community. My experience with Moolah U as a franchisee gave me the confidence to go out on my own and create the entrepreneurial youth program, WhizBizKids. WhizBizKids provides opportunities for young people to manage their own personal responsibilities and achieve financial independence, preparing them for adulthood and inspiring them to be powerful contributors in a world that works for everyone. I'm so excited to bring this program to the youth in our community!

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Jazmin - Event & Camp Leader

Jazmin is a proud Texas Aggie (Whoop!) who graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and she fully embraces the project based learning method that Whiz Biz Kids utilizes. She's a full-time math teacher at Cedar Park Middle school and is passionate about equipping kids with tools to for personal success. Her ability to connect with kids and understand what motivates them translates to a great experience for participants in our programs and we're so proud to have her on our team!

STEPHANIE GOROSH, Events & Communications Manager

As a former Camp Leader, I have a great respect for WhizBizKids’ mission to support youth in becoming successful, proactive leaders of tomorrow. I bring a background in events, communications, and growing startups. I am accountable for devising monthly workshops on life-skills, connecting WhizBizKids with parents and the community, and constantly finding new ways to grow and improve WhizBizKids.

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Addie - Videographer and Social Media Contributor

Addie is our videographer extraordinaire, who is 17 and still in high school! She fully embraces what Whiz Biz Kids stands for, supporting teens to pursue their passions. Here's an excerpt from her website and why we love having this dynamo on our team. ``By creating Adeline Rock Media when I was 16, it has opened so many doors and opportunities. I never want to give it up, and I have known from a young age that I wanted to feel good about how I earned my income. I wanted to enjoy what I do, not work for anyone else, and live my best life. #EntrepreneurForLife

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